One of the things I really enjoy is waking up in the morning and drinking a nice strong mate before I start my day. Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate is one of my favorite brands for doing just that.


Cruz de Malta is a Molinos Rio Del Plata S.A brand, which was originally founded in 1902 by the brothers-in-law Bunge and Born. Their goal was to further develop the agricultural potential of the country with wheat as their main product. In 1902, they thus decided to start the company S.A. de Molinos Harineros y Elevadores de granos Molinos Río de la Plata.

At the beginning of the 1940s, Molinos entered the yerba mate segment with its emblematic brand Nobleza Gaucha. This brand that has always been associated with sharing and enjoying this unique beverage with friends and family.  In 2006, Molinos purchased the Chilean brand maker of Cruz de Malta, turning it into an in-house product.


One of the first things I noticed about this yerba is that it had an excellent cut. Everything about it: the leaves, the palos, the polvo and right down to the white packaging was clean and very well-shaped. The yerba has very nicely sized palos as well as a decent amount of polvo content.

Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate turned out to be not only well-balanced, but it also had a very nice visual to it. Different than the dull brown, which is so typical of Argentine yerbas, it  had a fresh and easy display of lime green, light green, and tan leaves.


I found this yerba to be very strong on my palate right off the bat. For me this was definitely a plus, but I can see how it may be a little “too much” for novice drinkers and this is why I gave it such a low “friendliness” rating. For a while, this became my de facto yerba for drinking before work. It has a very short cycle and delivers all of its “kick” in the first 2 or 3 rounds. This is ideal for the morning hours when you don’t have much time to sit back and enjoy.


Very nice earthy aroma that would escape the packing and make my entire cupboard smell like an afternoon mate. It made me remember of my childhood days living in Assunción and the afternoon aromas there.