In Guarani,”PI” means foot, “PO” means hands and “RE” means traces. Thus the word “Piporé” means the foot and hand traces of the cacique Santos, who according to the legend left an indelible mark on the banks of the Santo Pipo river where he was baptized by the Jesuits.


Productores de Yerba Mate Santo Pipó was established as co-operation by 13 founding plantations striving to provide the highest quality yerba mate and the most innovative products. The brand Piporé was created in 1960 and the various plantations now use the same processing and packaging plant.

Well known in Misiones and neighboring regions by traditional yerba mate drinkers. Preferred by most seasoned drinkers over the newer and more mellow flavored yerba mates available in the market today.


This is a typical Argentine cut with a considerable amount of stems and less powder. It does contain a descent amount of both fine and middle sized leaves.  Despite it’s high stem count, it still manages to deliver a nice “kick”.  Typical yellowish coloration.


If you like your yerba mate with an earthy flavor and a smooth after taste, this balanced blend is definitely for you. It starts out pretty strong, but loses it’s flavor too soon, in my opinion. Might not be the best yerba for novice drinkers, but it’s definitely one to stick with after some time.


Light peanuts fragrance with sweet notes. Very earthly and reminds me of why I love yerba mate in the first place.

All in all Piporé Yerba Mate is a great yerba. I like the fact that it also comes in a smaller 250g package which is great to take along during short weekend trips. I like the strong flavor, which is delivered almost all at once and doesn’t last for many refills.  Ideal for a morning boost, when you don’t have much time for more than 2 or 3 doses. Great way to start the day.